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Selling Travel Magazine:

Published: July 2014.
Country: Australia (AU).
Related Topic: Freestyle Cruising (Amazon River).

It’s the wildest river on the planet, home to a fifth of the world’s fresh water but so much of the Amazon is impossible to access. You can drift down three tributaries ot fhe world’s longest river in five-star comfort, watching endangered pink and grey Amazon dolphins swim. Amazon is South America’s most luxurious river cruiser, amazon rainforest is home to black jaguars, three-toed sloths, macaws, squirrel monkeys and much more…

Gourmet Travel Magazine:

Published: April 2014. Country: United Kingdom (UK). Related Topic: 12 Great Foodie Adventures in Latin America. The Amazon Basin is a huge pantry of food, with flavours, aromas and textures most of which are unknown to the rest of Latin America. All seven countries that share the Amazon Basin – Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru and Venezula – have an Amazonian cuisine connected by ancient cultures and traditions and added to by their own regional ingredients…

Selling Long Haul Magazine:
Selling Long Haul magazine – pdf format Published: September 2013.
Country: United Kingdom (UK).
Related Topic: High and Mighty, Peru.

The north also has its share of the rainforest, with Iquitos region, a popular starting point for river cruises. “Guests can sail from Iquitos to Pacaya Samiria Reserve, which is a haven for wildlife. We recommend a four-day trip, joining naturalist guides on land and river-based excursions in search of monkeys, parrots, piranhas, sloths and pink river dolphins.”….

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Wanderlust Travel Magazine:
Wanderlust travel magazine – pdf format Published: May 2013.
Country: United Kingdom (UK).
Related Topic: The Amazon: Jungle super foods.

On a rainforest walk we discovered that wild garlic can cure a fever, squashed termites make an effective mosquito repellent and suri grubs can help asthma – with the bonus of tasting like pork crackling when they’re fried. Back on the vessel, I sipped on a jungle-style pisco sour, blended with cherry-sized camu-camu that, gramme for gramme, deliver 30 times as much viamin C as oranges…

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Outlook Traveller Special Magazine:
Outlook Traveller Special magazine – pdf format Published: March 2013.
Country: India (IN).
Related Topic: Wildlife Holidays.

Amazon River Ecotours (7D) inside peruvian jungle living the most exciting experience, covers three of the system’s powerful tributaries plus several blackwater lakes and includes piranha fishing, breakfast with pink dolphins, caiman haunting, jungle walks and nature excursion, exploration of the source of the Amazon, village visits…

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Food and Travel Magazine:
Food and Travel magazine – pdf format Published: November 2012.
Country: United Kingdom (UK).
Related Topic: Rainforest of The Amazon.

The Amazon is astonishing. A fifth of all fresh water on earth is in the Amazon Basin which drains an area the size of Europe. This natural phenomenon contais at least a third of the world’s remaining rainforest. Such a rich biodiversity boasts an array of plants and animals so vast scientists are only now beginning to grasp its scale….

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Sunday Times Travel Magazine:
Sunday Times travel magazine – pdf format Published: April 2012.
Country: United Kingdom (UK).
Related Topic: The Amazon, Peru.

In these times of intrepid travel, it’s not just Paddington Bear who does ‘Darkest Peru’. Travellers are venturing beyond the coach-party cacaphony of Cuzco and Machu Picchu into the amazonian rainforest that cloaks three-fifths of the country. Your umping-off point is remote and raffish Iquitos, the Most isolated jungle city on Earth, accessible only by boat or plane…

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Departures Magazine:
Departures magazine – pdf format Published: March/April 2014.
Country: United States (US).
Related Topic: Peru Rediscovered (The Amazon).

A land of extreme ecosystems – dusty coastal desert, jungled interior and, in between, the Andes – Peru has never lacked fodder for the most intrepid travelers. It hasn’t, however, had as much for those of us who like our adventure on the softer side. But that’s all changing. Exploring a wildlife refuge the size of Belgium, with expert guides helping spot pink and gray dolphins, sloths, monkeys, etc…

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Easy Living Magazine:
Easy Living magazine – pdf format Published: January 2012.
Country: United Kingdom (UK).
Related Topic: The Amazon Safari.

Pink dolphins, piranha fish, black howler monkeys, alligators, jaguars, three-toed sloth, parrots, macaws and millions of colours of butterflies; the wildlife in the Peruvian rainforest is a riot of colour and danger. See it all in a five-star luxury from a suite in a chic river boat…

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