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Our suites are specially created to imitate the surrounding Rainforest atmosphere and environmentally constructed with bamboo from sustainable plantations. The open design allows guests to enjoy the sounds of the forest, as well as a genuine jungle experience in maximum comfort. All suites are airy, comfortable, and private. In each bathroom, amenities such as hairdryers and French products like shampoo, conditioner, soup and a sewing kit are included. Hot showers, ceiling fans and electricity are available in each suite. There are several public gathering spots, including the spacious dining room with a rooftop lookout point, an open-air combined bar and a lounge with a wrap-around view of the river and jungle. In an effort to conserve the authentic Amazon experience and for ecological reasons, please note that there is no air conditioning in the rooms. However, for your convenience and comfort there are fans for use 24 hours a day, and after a short period you will be surprised at how quickly your body will adapt to the change of climate. The open design of the rooms allows you to listen and enjoy the sounds of the jungle, while maintaining an genuine jungle experience in maximum comfort.
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Amazon Travel Lodges: Information and Reviews.
Cumaceba amazon travel lodge, cheap vacations inside tropical rainforest – Book an ecotour/ CUMACEBA LODGE: ECOLOGICAL PRIVATE RESERVE located 21 miles from Iquitos city. At the shore of the majestic Amazon River. The Transfer is by speedboat approximately 1 hour down river. The construction of the lodge is typical, is designed with a palm roof and wooden structure, similar to the houses of the early Amazonian tribes, built without disturbing the jungle. There is a reception house, hammocks for relaxing, dining room and private bungalows, all of which are protected with mosquito nets. Each cabin has its own toilet and shower. In the evening kerosene lamps are used, There is also a bar where you can try the local drinks, some of which are said to have aphrodisiac effects! We also have sodas, beer , wine, whisky, rum, Vodka etc.
Excursions: Night trips by canoes. Ecological walks in primary forest. Visits to see the “yagua” Indians. Birdwatching at the Shansho lake Which is considered to be of great importance due to the number of species of birds. Visits to local villages. Grey and pink dolphin watching, and also a chance to see the famous anaconda, boa constrictor and many other animals such as monkeys, sloths, turtles, alligators. Lily pads “Victoria Regia” the largest aquatic plant in the world. Fishing fort Piranhas and other species. Visit to a hamlet on the Amazon that produces the famous sugar beat rum and it’s medicinal derivatives. +Book an Ecotour now+

Explorama amazon travel lodge, cheap vacations inside amazon rainforest – Book an ecotour/ EXPLORAMA LODGE: Originally built in 1964 and located in an extensive Primary Rainforest Reserve 80 km / 50 mi down the Amazon River from Iquitos, Explorama Lodge under went a facelift for its 45th anniversary. The 40 typical palm-thatched jungle lodge rooms now have private bathroom facilities! But don’t worry, the Lodge has maintained its romantic atmosphere with kerosene lamps and torches for lighting, mosquito-netted beds, and covered walkways to the Tahuampa Bar and Hammock House where you can relax surrounded by a myriad of Rainforest sounds. Explorama Lodge offers a variety of adventures including the Seven Bridges Trail walk and a special Full Day excursion to the Canopy Walkway can be added for those staying two or more nights.
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Explornapo amazon travel lodge, cheap vacations inside amazon rainforest – Book an ecotour/ EXPLORNAPO LODGE: On the Napo River, 160 km (100 mi) from Iquitos, EXPLORNAPO provides access to the pristine forest of Explorama´s Sucusari Reserve, as well as access to the adjoining Amazon Canopy Walkway, one of the longest treetop walkways in the world. This adventure offers the opportunity to live in an authentic Amazon River style with palm-thatched houses, kerosene lighting and open-hearth cooking in a Rainforest surrounding. Shower and toilet facilities adjoin each house. The recommended 5 day / 4 night program, including two nights at Explorama Travel Lodge, provides the opportunity to take special Rainforest treks and excursions into the surrounding primeval forest in an area named by scientists as the “Biodiversity Capital of the World”. You can even stay in touch with home via FREE WIFI Internet. Other options available from ExplorNapo include an overnight adventure in even more remote Rainforest, by as staying at the ACTS Field Station, opened in 1993, ACTS (Amazon Conservatory of Tropical Studies) provides a research station for scientists in the Tropical Rainforest and an opportunity for layman to share in their discovery. The large, thatched buildings are identical in construction to those found at ExplorNapo Travel Lodge. In addition to the Walkway, extensive trail hikes are available including the “Useful Plants Trail” used specifically to show the local Rainforest plants used in modern medicine as well as examples of native plant remedies which science may use in the future. +Book an Ecotour now+

Ceiba Tops amazon travel lodge, cheap holidays inside amazon rainforest – Book an ecotour/ CEIBA TOPS LODGE: The newest of Explorama’s lodge, is located on the banks of the Amazon River just 40 km (25 mi) from Iquitos. Ceiba Tops offers the comforts of home, air conditioned rooms with private bathrooms, in the most comfortable of Amazonian Rainforest settings. At Ceiba Tops, elaborate gardens, a swimming pool, water slide, hammock house and the Esmeralda lounge all complement the surrounding exotic environment. Ceiba Tops is perfect for stays of one or more nights. For families, connecting rooms are available or you can upgrade your Amazonian Adventure by choosing the Presidential, Ministerial or Junior Suite. This comfortable lodge now has courtesy Wi-Fi Internet service in all public areas, so you can send your e-mail while swinging in a hammock or in a lounge chair by the pool on your own laptop. A special Full Day excursion to the Canopy Walkway is available for Ceiba Tops guests staying 2 or more nights. Explore the myths, mysteries and magic of the world’s most exotic jungle, and then step from the tropics into the air-conditioned comforts of Ceiba Tops. +Book an Ecotour now+

Amazon King travel lodge, cheap holidays inside tropical rainforest – Book an ecotour/ AMAZON KING LODGE: It was started with the idea of bringing people to learn in and about the Amazon to create jobs in the local community. We wanted to build an eco-lodge. He began by selling running tours, transportation and guides in the Amazon River Basin. He began to expand his operations and decided to research the most ideal location and build an ecological reserve. After many years of searching for a proper location, the beautiful development was finally completed! The Amazon King travel lodge team has built schools, churches, water wells and clinics and continue to plan many other community development projects. Amazon King has worked closely with and served host to the Woodstock Union High School in Vermont, U.S. to help with the funding and construction of many of these projects. The initiative is called project Peru and is still going on today. We have successfully managed many development projects and continue to help the communities, serve the visitors to Iquitos and maintain the natural habitat of the Amazon for generations to come. The current lodge first opened for business in July 2009 and we have since been continuing to grow rapidly and known as one of the best value tour operators in Iquitos, our prices are unmatched. Amazon King specializes in one to five day Amazon river and tropical rainforest adventures. We offer fair prices, excellent accommodations, and experienced guides to ensure satisfaction. This Travel Lodge in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest is an ideal location for wildlife viewing and interaction with the indigenous people of the area. All of our rooms are equipped with private bathrooms, showers and comfortable beds, the lodge is a quiet and tranquil place to connect with nature. We are active in the local community and engage in ecologically friendly practices that not only help environment but the local economy as well. You will have the chance to observe exotic pink and grey dolphins, wild monkeys, crocodiles, and many species of birds, all in their natural habitat. Activities include: visits to the local communities, hikes in primary rainforest, night tours of the jungle, knowledge of medicinal plants, birdwatching, canoe rides, fishing, visits to the Yagua Indians and much, much more. Our unbeatable prices include all transportation, lodging, meals, and most importantly, a knowledgeable and experienced English and Spanish speaking guide. We can accommodate groups of up to 50 people and have a great deal of experience doing so. We offer phone and internet services so you can remain connected during your stay.
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